Qingdao Blue Ocean Foundation Laboratory Equipment CO., Ltd
Sink Table
Laboratory bench
Product No.: BOF-ST01
Product description:
Standard size:L*750*800mm,or customized
Table top: 12.7mm thick black corrosion-resistant C-SPC; 16/19/25mm thick epoxy resin phenolic resin or ceramic top
Cabinet: use high quality galvanized steel sheet, the surface is electro-sprayed by epoxy resin powder, color can be chosen according to colordisc
Handle: stainless steel bright type handle or dark anti-corrosion handle
Sink :PP sink, acid-resistance, alkali-resistance and corrosion-resistance, flexible;
Cock: three outlets cocks use high quality copper, the surface is coated by epoxy resin powder, ceramic cartridge, use special for lab research;
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