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The exhaust function is the main function of the fume hood. Of course, its exhaust method is very different from the ordinary exhaust fan equipment. The ordinary exhaust method can only play the role of exhaust, but can not control the variables of exhaust, such as the speed of wind speed, the size of exhaust air volume, whether the wind speed is stable, and whether the polluting gas is accurately discharged.

Fume hood manufacturer

The fume hood can control the flow of polluting gas in the area, prevent the escape of polluting gas, and then prevent environmental pollution. At the same time, the placement position of the fume hood also has requirements. In order to discharge the polluting gas stably, the fume hood needs to be placed in a position that is more convenient to use and close to the experimental instrument.

If the experiment is easy to produce corrosive gas, it is recommended to place the experiment inside the fume hood. The internal cabinet is made of materials with high acid and alkali corrosion resistance, which can well prevent the corrosion of corrosive substances.

Of course, although the fume hood is made of corrosion-resistant materials, if the surface is contaminated by corrosive substances, it still needs to be treated in time to prevent the corrosion and pollution of the equipment surface caused by the adhesion of corrosive substances for a long time.

Wind speed control of fume hood: when the experimental personnel leave, the wind speed will automatically decrease, which can not only meet the role of energy saving, but also help stabilize the indoor wind pressure and prevent the backflow of polluted gas caused by too low indoor wind pressure.

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