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Introduction to laboratory locker

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The laboratory locker is different from the household wardrobe. Because it is used in the experimental environment, it needs to have good corrosion resistance, and many specific experimental environments are often humid, so the laboratory locker mostly uses the galvanized steel plate treated with rust prevention as the material.

Let's briefly compare the laboratory locker with the ordinary locker:


The characteristic of the laboratory locker is that the internal storage space is larger, and the steel frame makes its structure more stable. Even if the space spacing is large, there will be no problem of structural instability.

The appearance color of the laboratory locker is optional. Customers can choose and match the color according to their preferences. The color of the equipment surface is epoxy resin coating. After high-temperature baking paint, the paint can be stably attached to the surface. There is no need to worry about falling off after a long time. Epoxy resin can not only be used for decoration, but also has good anti-corrosion performance, It is a special paint for many laboratory equipment.

Of course, the laboratory locker is not only used in the laboratory, but also in public places such as schools, natatoriums and companies. The actual size and size of this locker can be determined according to the needs of users.

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