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What are the advantages of customized test bench?

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Customized test bench is to select the size, function and material of the test bench according to the actual needs of the laboratory, and finally get the equipment suitable for the actual needs.

Customized test bench

For example, when we buy furniture, we need to measure the size, and then buy furniture according to the size of the actual demand. However, even if we measure it first and then buy it, we often can't avoid the improper size of the equipment, or the performance of the purchased items does not meet the demand. As laboratory supplies, the performance and size requirements of laboratory furniture are very strict, If there is a problem, it will affect the later experimental use.

The customized test bench can fundamentally solve this problem:

The experimental station

The customized test bench will have special measuring personnel to measure the laboratory, determine the placement position of the equipment, and determine the size of the equipment according to the actual situation of the laboratory. At the same time, the designer will communicate with the users to increase or reduce the functional accessories of the equipment according to the actual use situation, so as to avoid useless accessories, Or the device lacks the required function.

Aesthetics also needs to be considered. When we buy the test bench, the color of the equipment is often the fixed color numbers. It is difficult to choose the color consistent with the laboratory environment. However, when we customize the test bench, we can directly require the appearance color of the equipment according to the environmental color, so that the test bench can be inherited with the environment.

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