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What problems should be paid attention to when using all ste

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The all steel fume hood is mainly used for the emission of polluting gases in the laboratory to ensure the cleanliness of the air in the laboratory. Clean air is the basis for ensuring the accuracy of experimental data. At the same time, a good pollution-free space also provides a guarantee for the physical health of experimental personnel.

The fume hoods include PP, all steel, steel wood, etc. among them, all steel fume hoods are mostly used in the laboratory. The unique production process of all steel fume hoods makes them have good anti rust and anti-corrosion performance. When we use them, we should pay attention to some misunderstandings in use to prevent improper operation from damaging the fume hoods or laboratory personnel.

All steel fume hood

1. Before using the fume hood, start the exhaust first, and then carry out the experiment in the cabinet, otherwise the polluting gas generated during the experiment cannot be discharged in time.

2. As for the voltage of the fume hood, check the voltage of the fume hood regularly. If any problem is found, report it for maintenance.

3. In case of splashing or explosion in the laboratory, close the window of the fume hood before operation to prevent splashing substances from harming the operator. At the same time, strong explosion test is strictly prohibited in the cabinet.

4. When the all steel fume hood is used, the test range shall be controlled on the operation console of the equipment. Even if the test is carried out outside the cabinet, the operation of toxic and harmful substances shall be avoided.

5. Sometimes the electric furnace or other experimental equipment needs to be placed in the fume hood. Asbestos pad or heat insulation board and other objects need to be placed under the fume hood. The placed instrument is in direct contact with the fume hood, resulting in damage to the equipment or instrument.

6. When using the electric furnace in the fume hood, it is recommended to pad asbestos pad or heat insulation board under the electric furnace.

7. After the experimental operation, the exhaust fan shall continue to operate for about 1-2 minutes to ensure that all toxic gases and residual waste gases in the cabinet are discharged.

8. After the experiment is completed, turn off all power supplies, clean the fume hood, remove the sundries and solutions splashed on the table or side plate, and do not clean it when it is charged or the motor is running.
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